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How to Leave a Podcast Review and Subscribe

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NOTE: You can only leave a review in the Podcast App or in the iTunes desktop app

    iTunes – Desktop Instructions

    1. Open iTunes, click Store, and select Podcasts
    2. Or, visit my show page here and click the button: Listen on Apple Podcasts ↗
    3. Click Ratings and Reviews
    4. Select your stars (if you have constructive criticism, please reach out to me at love@empathtopower.com)
    5. Leave your review, thank you!
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    Podcasts App – iPhone Instructions

    1. Open the Podcasts App on your phone or search for it by swiping down and searching “podcasts”
    2. Click “Browse”
    3. Search for “empath to power”
    4. Click my Empath to Power podcast graphic
    5. Click “Subscribe” if you want episodes to automatically download
    6. Scroll down
    7. Rate my show by tapping the stars (thank you!)
    8. Click “Write a Review” after listening to the show to help others find me! xo!
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