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“Lola and her guests give terrific insights into issues that are unique to empaths and highly sensitive people. I love this podcast because it is grounded in science and spirit issues—a rare combination. I’m definitely hooked!”

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Binge Listens

Looking to explore a specific subject more deeply? Peep these topic-specific playlists for a truly satisfying binge. Cheetos optional


Raising highly sensitive kids as an empath? Trying to navigate divorce and co-parenting? Are your kids on the spectrum or otherwise neurodivergent? These episodes are a great place to find support and solidarity for your parenting journey.


Money is a highly charged topic, especially when you’re a sensitive soul. This playlist offers support and tools for overcoming fears of success, making peace with your finances, and creating a solid financial foundation.


Whether you’re trying to escape toxic relationship patterns, date as an empath, or establish healthy boundaries with a partner, these episodes will empower you to create authentic intimacy and honor your sensitive heart, mind, and body.

"Hearing Lola speak on her podcast is a special kind of magic"

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Lola is one of those people whose heart translates well across the internet via her site and her writing.

But hearing her speak on her podcast is a special kind of magic. I got shivers as I listened to several episodes while driving. I felt so much resonance.

— Miz_kitty, Podcast Listener

"One of the best shows I've ever heard."

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Thank you so much for joining me on the show… It was fantastic! One of the best shows I’ve ever had. So heartfelt, open, honest, and powerful. I’ve been affected by it the whole weekend.

Feeling grateful, uplifted, and a lightness in my heart! And I’m confident that all those who tuned in or will watch or listen to it later will feel the same. It was an honor to have you on.

— Charlie Pacello

KUHS Denver

"You have no idea what your podcast has done for me!"

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Thank you, Lola. You have no idea what your podcast (albeit the first episode) has just done for me, then again, you probably do! You may have just ignited one of the most fundamental links of thought I will ever have in my life. Thank you!

— Zaid Haijawi, Podcast Listener

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101: You Are a Sacred Space with Fia Forsström

101: You Are a Sacred Space with Fia Forsström

In this uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring conversation, we talk about what Fia calls “home” and what that meant for her Spiritual Journey, her work as a Ceremonial Musician, and how we can ALL activate the sacred space that we ARE.

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