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Lola and her guests give terrific insights into issues that are unique to empaths and highly sensitive people. I love this podcast because it is grounded in science and spirit issues—a rare combination. I’m definitely hooked!


Such a fresh take on being an empath and/or HSP in today’s world.

Lola seamlessly interweaves thought-provoking concepts, personal experience, and practical application tips in each episode.


★★★★★, iTunes Review

I love Lola and her podcast is amazing.

She is interesting, informative, and weaves in her own experiences in a really natural way.


★★★★★, iTunes Review

Lola is a lovely human with lots of wisdom and truth to share.

I’m excited to see her work coming out onto the world-wide web to be shared with many, it is powerful, helpful and important stuff!


★★★★★, iTunes Review


027: Pleasure As Medicine with Kit Murray Maloney

027: Pleasure As Medicine with Kit Murray Maloney

Are you ready to explore female-embodied pleasure, and how it can be a guide to your purpose? Well, this conversation is for you! Lola and Kit dive into Kit’s journey with pleasure and how she has learned to listen to what feels good in her body.

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024: Reciprocity And Resilience with Yaya Erin Rivera Merriman

024: Reciprocity And Resilience with Yaya Erin Rivera Merriman

Join Lola and Yaya Erin Rivera Merriman of Active Culture Family as they diverge from the standard empath conversation to take a deep look at why Fibromyalgia might *not* be “the empath’s disease”, the role of radically honest communication, and the many misconceptions and myths around being wildly tuned in.

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Life as an empath can frustrating, exciting, magical, and oh-so-overwhelming.

Join longtime Empath Coach Lola Pickett as she guides you each week to befriend your anxiety, heal your nervous system, set boundaries, and embrace your personal power. If you’re an Empath who’s ready to channel your sensitivity for the greater good (without abandoning yourself in the process), this is the podcast for you!

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