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Such a fresh take on being an empath and/or HSP in today’s world.

Lola seamlessly interweaves thought-provoking concepts, personal experience, and practical application tips in each episode.


★★★★★, iTunes Review

I love Lola and her podcast is amazing.

She is interesting, informative, and weaves in her own experiences in a really natural way.


★★★★★, iTunes Review

Lola is a lovely human with lots of wisdom and truth to share.

I’m excited to see her work coming out onto the world-wide web to be shared with many, it is powerful, helpful and important stuff!


★★★★★, iTunes Review


010: Energy Clearing: Processing The Collective

010: Energy Clearing: Processing The Collective

Just because you CAN feel it, does it mean that it’s your job to heal it? In this fiery episode, Lola dishes some surprising insights on how (and when) to work and with and clear the collective energy that we feel as empaths and HSPs.

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Life as an empath can frustrating, exciting, magical, and oh-so-overwhelming.

Join longtime Empath Coach Lola Pickett as she guides you each week to befriend your anxiety, heal your nervous system, set boundaries, and embrace your personal power. If you’re an Empath who’s ready to channel your sensitivity for the greater good (without abandoning yourself in the process), this is the podcast for you!

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