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060: How To Find Belonging with Becca Piastrelli

060: How To Find Belonging with Becca Piastrelli

What does it mean to “belong”? And how, as White women, can we belong to ourselves and each other, knowing the damage that our ancestors wrought AND the internalized patriarchy and racism that we still carry inside us?

058: From Fried to Freelancing with Afton Negrea

058: From Fried to Freelancing with Afton Negrea

If you’ve been wondering how to start a “side hustle”, have had a sudden job loss, or are curious about working for yourself as a freelancer, you’re going to love today’s conversation with FreeBirds.co’s founder Afton Negrea.

053: Do You Have Empath Stress Disorder?

053: Do You Have Empath Stress Disorder?

After seeing highly sensitive clients for a decade (and being an HSP Empath herself), Lola noticed some significant patterns that are very common to highly sensitive people and empaths, almost as though they were side effects of their sensitivity.

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