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Hi, Love!

I’m excited to connect with you! If you’re reaching out to be on the show, please visit and submit your inquiry on our Podcast Guest page.

If you want to interview Lola, then send us interview specifics on our Interview Lola page.

Otherwise, reach out to us below and we’ll reply within 48 hours during the work week.

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I love the show

Well THANK YOU for the kind sentiments! I am so happy the podcast resonates with you. This warms my heart immensely!

Please leave your message and let me know if you're OK with my team using your praise in any social media material and be sure to leave a review on iTunes afterwords!

I know someone to be a guest

Really!? That is awesome you know someone who would be a great guest. Please leave us more detail about this person(s) and also invite them to apply directly by visiting our Be A Guest page.

I want to be on the show

Fantastic! All podcast guests are invited to fill out our intake form on our Be A Guest page.

I am looking forward to receiving your submission!

xo lola

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Oh goodness no! Sorry that something wasn't working for you. Please let our team know what was up and be sure to include: your device type, any apps being impacted, and a description of the issue. Thank you!