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014: Escape Financial Fight or Flight with Bari Tessler Linden

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4 Steps of A Simple Money Date

by Bari Tessler

What needs my attention right now for my money journey; what is my next step

Have candles, chocolate, nice music, or whatever works for you and/or your partner to make it an enjoyable experience. You’ll want to restart expectations/patterns especially if you’re in a long-term relationship with lots of history.

  1. Story time: tell stories about emotions, memories that you learned about money. Not time to talk about numbers or goals, esp. important for couples! No interrupting. No blaming and shaming/criticizing. Take about 20-minutes each to fully flush it out.
  2. Talk about your values; how you spend; look at numbers.
  3. Who’s responsible for what?
  4. What are your larger goals? How do your values tie into these goals?

Financial Body Check-In

by Bari Tessler

Stop pause, check in on emotional, physical, breathing level. Be curious and check-in where you’re at. It helps to do one before, during or after any money conversation.

Get confident and ask for what you need

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