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005: Tarot As A Tool For Empaths with Theresa Reed

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Body, Mind, Spirit Tarot Spread

by Theresa Reed

Are you feeling off, cloudy, or need a check in? The Body, Mind, Spirit Spread is Theresa’s favorite tarot spread she uses for checking in with herself, and it’s most effective when life keeps throwing wrenches at you.

The key to this spread is using it as a guide for self-care. If a card known for representing challenge shows up in the Body position, then you can see it as a sign that your daily health/physical habits may need a refresh. If Three of Swords shows up for the Mind position, for example, you’d want to check what mental demands or stress may be contributing to your challenges.

Many times our self-care gets pushed aside for convenience and productivity’s sake. This spread is an excellent tool to shine a light on where you could use some ‘you’ time and care so that you may return to a state of flow and grace.

Self-Care Rules as a Healer or Coach

by Theresa Reed
  • Hold strict and clear boundaries with clients
  • Make time for yourself
  • Consistent self-care schedule (massages, naps, things that make you feel good, etc.)
  • Keep personal life drama free (don’t stuff/hide it, deal with it in the moment)
  • Eat healthy, limit substances like alcohol and drugs
  • Move your body to move energy into and out of you
  • Only maintain relationships with healthy people
Get confident and ask for what you need

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